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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Good Paper vs. Cheap Paper

Here's a good example of why you should always use good paper. You never know when a drawing might turn out to be one you want to keep. I did this drawing of a motorcyle in a drawing class in college. It's not a total masterpiece, but it has a lot of personal meaning for me. While doing this drawing, I lost all sense of self, time...everything. I was completely absorbed into the act of drawing. I finally came back to earth when the guy who owned the motorcycle started to move it. I hadn't even noticed that the class was over.

But it was done on cheap newsprint. I left it back east when I moved out west and my brother took it and hung it on his wall near a window. My husband decided to bring it back for me as a surprise when he drove cross country. But now it is crumbling. My friend Chris suggested scanning it in parts and piecing it together, which is what you see here. So now it is gone with the recycling. Sometimes it's hard letting go of things.


Linda said...

This is a masterpiece! (Even though it's in pieces).
I was shocked when I read you had put it in recycling.
p.s. It's so nice you've started a blog.

Dorothy Reinhardt said...

Thanks Linda. It was hard to toss.

caroleldridge said...

OK looks like this will work! Thanks..nice to chat with you...looking will learn things as you go thing you need to do right away is add other blog links to the side of yours so that you will start being linked to other blogs and then it takes off from there...I will add you to my blog.

have fun!


Jean said...

I love this drawing also -- It's beautiful!

Dorothy, what's your secret for getting such a good scan? I found some of my really old drawings on newsprint in my garage last year -- pre-pre-artschool -- and especially had trouble with the one drawn in ink line.

I posted them here on my illoz site if you'd like to look, in a portfolio called from the vault

Dorothy Reinhardt said...

Jean, those are great. I love the one from My Fair Lady.

I don't have any secrets on scanning? said...

I recently had sifted through some old portfolios thinking the very same thing!

Newsprint is wonderful for the "starving artist" side of us, but it is the enemy when it comes to our sentimental side!

We are so fortunate to live in a time where through the use of technology, a piece will never really be lost! My imagination goes crazy thinking about all of the work of the great masters that must have vanished into thin air! It's almost poetic thinking that we are only blessed with these little gems for such a short time. :)