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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mom's Birthday

One nice thing about being back east in May for Surtex is getting to celebrate Mom's birthday in person afterwards. We had a cookout and birthday cake in my sister Nancy's backyard.

Here's Nancy in her sunroom/music room, where she gives piano lessons.

Here's a nice shot of Nancy's husband John and his gorgeous daughter, my step niece Katlyn.

We took a drive with Mom up to Farnham's in Essex.

There's a beautiful view of the salt marsh from the restaurant. We saw an Eastern Kingbird and a Snowy Egret from the window.

After lunch we took a dive around Rocky Neck, Gloucester. We felt compelled to turn around and take a drive-by photo of the "No Photographing" sign here.

Mom enjoyed her little outing.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Not getting anything done

I am getting nothing done this week, except if you count opening cans of Purina One Ocean Fish and Tuna Kitten. Ace has some on his little nose.

We also play tickle tummy.

Looking out the window at the big outdoors is ok, but somewhat overwhelming.

Looking cute for the camera is good.

It's all so tiring...think it's time for a nap again.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Meet the new Boss

We picked out a new kitten from the SPCA yesterday. He's SO tiny, only weighs one pound. He purrs right away when you pick him up. He's just too cute for words.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Marblehead May

Marblehead in late May is a pretty gorgeous place to be. Azaleas, rhododendrons, lilacs and wisteria are all in bloom. Steve took this really pretty shot in a small alley in old town on Memorial Day. I love the rough hewn granite steps, the cascade of white azaleas and the crisp American flag flying on the well-kept colonial house.

They have a contest for Best Windowbox during the 4th of July Arts Festival. I think people were getting warmed up for it already.

Although the harbor was not yet full, people are starting to get their boats in the water for the summer.

Steve & I had lunch at the Barnacle, my favorite little seafood shack, right on the water near Fort Sewall. No waves were crashing over the windows on this quiet afternoon like they were when Karin Rhodes & I ate lunch there during a high tide winter storm a few years back.

It was a warm still day, and we spent some time sitting in the shade on the benches at Fort Sewall, looking out the mouth of the harbor towards Children's Island.

My old pals George & Jean drove down from Vermont for a visit. We spent a perfect early summer day downtown with them.

This day there was a bit more of a breeze, and a lot more activity in the harbor. Here's a nice shot of the Corinthian Yacht Club with someone sailing by.

We met up with Jim Davenport and Karin Rhodes at "the Bench" and shared some laughs and memories. There's nothing like hanging out with old friends.