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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Even More Bouquets to Art

I took a lot of pictures, as you are probably getting by now. There were hundreds of arrangements, so these are only the ones that I really liked and the photos turned out not blurry. This framed one was with the Hartnett trompe l'oeil still lifes. It's a painting of books in a window, not in this photo.

I liked the lush colors and the branches bursting into leaf at the top of this one. It sort of screams out, "SPRING!"

This oddball piece has a large seashell as a base, and barnacles and these pitcher plants hanging down. I think it was to go with a glass sculpture. I like how the green plants look like coral.

These dark curly ferny things at top were very popular this year. I'm not sure which work of art this went with, but it's cool.

Pretty soft salmon color flowers again. This piece went along with the portrait of a boy in the background.

You can see the scale of this one with these ladies in behind it. The bottom fuzzy part was all composed of proteas.

I love this exotic combo of plant materials. This piece was in the pre-Colombian art section.

This modern art one is a little bit too literal, but fun.

This piece was hung in the entrance way of the museum. It's huge. The flowers around it are anthuriums, so it give you some idea of the scale.

This was another of my favorites. The way this arrangement of spiky greens mimics the green glass sculpture is exciting.

This flower-encrusted dress form was not the only one in the show, but this is the photo that came out. They did a good job with picking up the colors from the painting.

I could not resist this cute doggie made out of pussy willow tips. Nice. Like the floats in the Rose Bowl Parade.

I marvel at how well this design goes with the steamboat painting. They even got in the smokestack and the smoke with some green vines.

The designer wrapped different colored strap-like leaves around to evoke the flat shapes of color in this abstract painting. Very creative.

You can thank my mom, who bought me a museum membership, for these posts. Thanks, Mom!

More Bouquets to Art

It was interesting to me how well the floral designers were able to come up with arrangements that went so well with the portrait paintings they had chosen. This blue one is gorgeous. The woman in the painting is wearing a hat wrapped with blue gauze. The designer has wrapped the pedestal with blue gauze as well.

This rather formal full length life-sized portrait is nicely complemented by the tight bunches of yellow roses in this design.

This is one of my favorite paintings in their collection. It is a John Singer Sargent oil painting of a woman at a restaurant at night. I like how the designer used dark reds in the flowers to evoke the mood of the painting with the red lamps. The dark calla lilies are amazing.

This pretty fluffy pink arrangement looks nice with the soft Impressionist brushstrokes and pinks in this portrait. And the orange ranunculus standing in for the woman's red hair is a nice touch.

I think this one is a bit contrived, but it mimics the shapes, colors and mood of this formal portrait of a girl in a bonnet.

Oops, I almost forgot this one. It's hard to see the formal portrait behind it of a woman in a long black dress. I like the cascade of white orchids in this one.