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Monday, September 29, 2008

Jean's visit

We finally convinced the ever-fabulous Jean Tuttle to come to San Francisco for a visit. We took her to some of our favorite spots, including a day trip up to Pt. Reyes where we dined in the fog at Tony's after a sunny day at Limantour Beach.

The highlight of the weekend was a dinner party for the local friends of Jean. The guests were: Tom and Linda Davick, Bill Russell, Janet Cleland, Jean, Ray Wenzel and Jim Grove.

Steve took this photo of the harvest table setting that Jean & I put together using gourds and pumpkins we got at a pumpkin patch/straw maze down around Half Moon Bay.

Ms. Esther was on duty to greet the guests and, acting as coat check girl, keep close track of everyone's belongings during the party. She took a bit of a fancy to Linda's green jacket.

Speaking of harvest, I've been Googling and trying to figure out how and when to harvest the sunflower seeds I grew. This morning when I got up, there was a marauding gang of 4 squirrels demonstrating the proper technique for me.

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Linda said...

Dorothy, this post is so much fun. What a great time you guys had. I love the photos of you & Jean and you & Steve outside Tony's. Thanks so much letting us in on the fun with the dinner party! ...I'm so honored to have the photo of Esther on my jacket. I'm sitting here smiling and smiling. Hey ... Jean has a new web site!

Oh my God--wait! there's a Santa Cruz post, too... man those photos are wonderful.