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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Anniversary Dinner

We went to a restaurant downtown called Ducca for our anniversary dinner last night. The waiter took our picture with our Bellinis and appetizers. The arancini were delicious. The prawns were all presentation and had a weird disintegrating texture. Ducca is an Italian restaurant with a Venetian theme. We thought it was a fitting venue for our 30th, since 10 years ago on our 20th, we took a trip to Venice.

The staff was very attentive. Even the pastry chef got in on the action, writing a nice greeting on our dessert plate. This was a lovely dessert, almond crostada with blueberries on top and a little scoop of gelato on the side.

Before leaving, we had our photo taken in front of one of the large screens in the restaurant. One of the paintings is a portrait of the Doge and this other one is his wife. The Doge was the chief magistrate of Venice.

Aside from the prawns, it was a great dinner and a nice celebration.

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Linda said...

Thirty years! That's such a great photo. And Iove the one of you in the gondola on the 20th anniv. Congratuations.