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Monday, September 29, 2008

Santa Cruz Getaway

Steve was on vacation last week. We decided to take a little road trip down to visit Jack in Santa Cruz. We're off to an inauspicious start here after a "quick" stop at Lowe's to return a broken light fixture. Steve said he was "only going to be a minute" so I stayed in the car. It was hot, so I rolled down the window and had the radio and the fan on. I guess it was more than "a minute," because when Steve got back to the car, it would not start. We had to call a tow truck guy to come and jump the battery. Then we spent another half hour or so in the mis-named Die-Hard Express Battery Service Line. The battery tested "better than new" so we were off, this time for real.

After a gorgeous leisurely drive down Highway One, we stopped at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. The rides were closed and it was pretty deserted, but it was a nice opportunity for Steve to try out his new camera.

This is about as close as I like to get to the Giant Dipper. Steve has been on it.

I guess the healthy eating trend has yet to hit the Boardwalk.

There is some very cool signage on the Boardwalk:

My favorite ride is the old carousel. After snapping a bunch of shots, we noticed that workers were starting to open the rides and test them. We found out they were having a special evening for the new UC Santa Cruz students. They opened up the carousel building and we were able to get some interior pictures. I love the old Wurlitzer. It features a painting of the old Cliff House in San Francisco at the top.

The carousel is quite pretty, with a lot of vintage details.

There is one place where you can grab a ring and try to toss it in this clown's mouth.

Although we did not get a chance to go on any of the rides, we enjoyed our visit.

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