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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hanging in there

Well, we're hanging in there amidst all the chaos of late. Esther is still with us for the time being. She seems happiest lying in the sun. The angle of the sun is lower this time of year, so it shines on the couch. Today it's a little too warm to be in the sun. We're having one of our wonderful fall weeks here.

I spend some time each day trying to get her to eat something. The past few days she seems to only like tuna with lots of tuna water and Greenies, a kind of cat treat.

I like this photo of fences that Steve took with his new camera at Pigeon Pt. lighthouse.

He also took this one of sleeping sea lions on the rocks off the lighthouse. They were very far away. His new camera has a great zoom lens.

We saw this guy at Natural Bridges State Beach doing handstands on the beach. This past weekend a kid was killed at this beach when he was in a sand cave that collapsed on him.

Steve took a lot of photos at the Santa Cruz boardwalk. Here's one of a beautiful ride.

And here's one of Laughing Sal, who used to be at Playland at the Beach in SF. I think she is incredibly scary.

Me picking out my pumpkins and gourds at the Straw Maze.

They also have a little petting zoo. This photo of a pig is for my niece Lily.

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