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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Christmas in July

Christmas in July is the title of a Preston Sturges comedy. It was the film that we saw on our first date. We took the bus to City College to watch a free screening. (I should have had a clue at that point, wouldn't ya think?) Anyhow, we've been having a mini Preston Sturges film festival at our house this week. We love The Lady Eve and were laughing out loud. Last night we watched The Palm Beach Story.

You can't even see halfway down our block this morning, it's so foggy. It's a dripping fog. They say that Eskimos have 100 different words for snow, well, we have a lot of descriptive words for fog here. One of our favorites is "VBF", which stands for "Visible Blowing Fog" that's when you can look out and see puffs of fog blowing by. So, although tomorrow is 4th of July, we are donning fleece vests instead of tank tops. And here I am working on Christmas images. Seems like a lot of the manufacturers we met at Surtex will be reviewing images for Christmas 2009 in the next couple of months. I was thinking of digging out the Bing Crosby Christmas albums to listen to for inspiration, so I can have "visions of sugarplums" dancing through my head. But wait, I don't even have any idea what a sugarplum looks like, do you? Apparently, this is what they look like.

A morning check on the garden came up with both good news and bad news. The good news is: 1.)The sweet peas are blooming.

2.)One of the tomatoes is ripening. This is a Sungold cherry tomato, and it's turning yellow, despite adverse growing conditions.

Ok, now the bad news:

I'm pretty sure this is a gopher mound in my tiny patch of lawn that I struggle to maintain. Well, it's not as bad as our previous rodent problem of 7 dead mice under the floorboards of our shed during a heat wave while Steve was out of town. It's all relative.

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