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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Girls' Summer Lunch

Yesterday we got together for our quarterly Girls' Lunch. In the summer we like to have it at Janet's house in Marin so Linda and I can escape the fog of the city. It was toasty warm in Janet's backyard and we had a lovely afternoon.

Here's the lunch:

Janet got these great Pesto Tarts from Delicieux Fine Desserts in Fairfax. They sell them at the Marin Farmer's Market. They each contain many entire cloves of garlic, but they are cooked perfectly so that they have a silken texture and great taste. Be forewarned of having overpowering garlic breath afterwards.

Janet is catsitting for her neighbors. This guy spent the afternoon alternating between coming over for attention and crashing out in the shade.

It was an idyllic day for all of us. After lunch we had show & tell. Each of us brought our latest work to be admired and critiqued. It's so great getting feedback from other illustrators. Janet is illustrating a children's book and showed us her rough sketches. I can't wait to see the final art. Linda is writing a trio of children's books, which she will illustrate. We got to see her latest draft. They are going to be fun. I showed my Surtex images.

I'm already looking forward to our next get-together.


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carol eldridge said...

OK Dottie...time for a new post!!

Happy fourth of July...leaving for Atlanta next week and the gift show...lots of appointments, launching the new garden line, should be busy...nice weather here at home...out on the boat for the fireworks with friends tomorrow night!

talk soon,