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Friday, July 18, 2008

Ya snooze, ya lose...

I was waiting for this one beautiful tomato to reach the peak of ripeness before picking and enjoying it. Guess I waited a little bit too long. Someone beat me to it.

Do you think this guy is the culprit? I wouldn't be at all surprised. Here he is demonstrating his "hanging by the feet" method of poaching black oil sunflower seeds from the bird feeder. You can see how just well those plastic baffles work to deter squirrels.

I did manage to harvest this Sweet 100 cherry tomato before it fell into enemy hands. Steve says, "Where's the other 99?"

I enjoyed it on top of my healthy lunch.

One of my surviving sunflowers has started flowering. I have high hopes for the other 5.

The sweet peas have blossomed out again. I picked a few bouquets a couple of weeks ago, and the plants were bare for awhile there.

So, you might be wondering where I have been lately and imagining me on summer vacation, lying on the beach soaking up rays and sipping a pina colada. HA! Not exactly. I have been jamming on presentations and getting picked for jury duty for criminal court.

The jury duty part is not too bad. It's for a misdemeanor trial that starts Monday afternoon. It's supposed to wrap up Tuesday, and then to to "the jury"...hey, that includes me. I want to get done Tuesday, because the Parade of Sails Tall Ships are coming into SF Bay on Wednesday at noon. The ships will sail in under the Golden Gate Bridge and sail over to the Bay Bridge. My brother is going to be sailing on the Eagle through the Panama Canal and up to Connecticut. (He is way cooler than me and an excellent sailor.)

I can't tell anyone about the trial until it is over. The judge even told us, "Don't BLOG about it."

I can show you a couple of my new designs I've been working on.

This is a design for a Christmas plate.


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