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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I've had this on my "to do" list for after returning from Surtex. Now, almost two months later, I finally can check it off. I wanted to make a necklace with some of the silver beads I worked on patterns for with Nina Designs.

I made some earrings to match too.

I purchased the lampwork glass beads for this necklace from Heather Davis. I think they are just gorgeous. The center pendant's text is a sonnet titled Love's Growth by John Donne.

The smaller beads came from a shop in Noe Valley called Forbeadin. My friend Fiona works there. She helped me design and finish these pieces. Thanks, Fiona!


carol eldridge said...

this is so pretty....I love it...great job...Camp Nana is in the final days...just back from PA and off to Michigan tomorrow for 5 days to return another munckin to the appropriate owner!! Had just a fabulous week...they were simply darling...will write when I get back...have to pack...


Dorothy Reinhardt said...

Thank you!

Sounds like you are having a great summer.


Dorothy Reinhardt said...

Linda left this comment, but somehow I managed to reject it instead of publish it:

"Dorothy, the silver beads are incredible!! I've been so curious to know about the beads, having seen your patterns for them. I went to Nina's site to see more--they are wonderful."

Dorothy Reinhardt said...

Thank you, Linda! Now I want to make more necklaces, but silver is getting expensive.