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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"Wild" Weekend

We had a sort of "wild" weekend. We went up to Glen Ellen and visited Jack London State Historic Park. Steve took this nice photo of a wall of a former winery on his ranch. It has a lot of lichens and stuff growing on it. We toured the House of Happy Walls, where London's wife lived after his death. It's filled with artifacts they collected in their extensive travels to exotic places like the Solomon Islands, the Yukon and Hawaii. This was pretty adventurous for the early 1900s. He also worked as a reporter for San Francisco newspapers and traveled to Europe, Yokohama, Vera Cruz and Korea. London did a heck of a lot in his 40 years of life.

We also watched Into the Wild on DVD. This film tells the real life story of Christopher McCandless, who ventured out on his own into the Alaskan wilderness in search of ??? This Sean Penn directed film is based on the book by Jon Krakauer. It's an intense, touching and disturbing story. I loved the soundtrack by Eddie Vedder. (Isn't someone's birthday coming up...hint, hint.)

This morning there were a number of cool birds in the birdbaths as I was making my tea. I just love these Townsend's warblers. They are hard to capture in a photograph, as they are very small and flitty birds. They don't hold still for very long.
The Santa Barbara daisies look nice in these photos too.


Christina said...

The last time I was at your house, the sky was so gray and yucky. It's nice to see that you have sunshine again :)

Dorothy Reinhardt said...

It seems to me like we have had a lot of fog for this time of year. It was quite foggy again this morning. But it's not too cold, which is nice. said...

I love the photos! Your decription of the birds reminds me of trying to photograph my little 8 month old girl!

luci said...

Hi, Dorothy, I followed your blog link from Linda Davick’s blog. I’ve enjoyed my visit here. You have many beautiful pictures of nature, your pet, and of your neighborhood … what a lovely world you live in. I also like the painting stages post … it’s fascinating to see the art evolve into completion. Thank you for sharing a piece of your beautiful life with us.

*I am sorry of your former teacher’s passing. She must have been a fantastic teacher and an awesome person to touch so many people’s lives.

Dorothy Reinhardt said...

Hi Luci. Thanks for posting your comment. I'm glad you like the photos.