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Monday, March 17, 2008

Hoodies at Stow Lake

Went up to Stow Lake this morning to see if I could photograph the Hooded mergansers that have been hanging out there lately. This gopher was poking out of his hole, sunning himself. Taking a break from destroying the park plants.

Here is one of the male Hooded mergansers swimming along with his crest puffed up.
This one hauled out on a log to sit in the sun for a bit.

Here's a coot coming up to check out the hoodie.

I got one nice shot of the two males at once. They were both diving and swimming around a lot, so it was hard to get both of them in one shot. I saw one female, but she didn't come over to this shallow area where I could get a close shot.

I like the sun on this male with his crest a little down. They were folding their crests down in preparation to dive for food, making themselves more streamlined.


Linda said...

Great photos!

Yearn to travel said...

your photos are beautiful. i never realized that you were into taking pictures.

Dorothy Reinhardt said...

Thanks ladies. I like birds, so I started taking pictures of them once I figured out how to zoom our newish little digital camera.