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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Foggy Morning at Ocean Beach

Tuesday morning I decided to take a walk on the trail along the Great Highway out at Ocean Beach, despite the fog. It wasn't too windy, so it wasn't too cold out there. I took this photo of our most common gull, Western gull, one second before it took off. The plumage on this gull is nice and fresh. It almost looks pretty.

This is my favorite house out at the beach. I call it the Mondrian House, for obvious reasons. There was a raven soaring over the house as I took the photo. You can see how the houses out at the ocean take a beating from the elements. There are some funky houses out there, as the residents are a collection of surfers, bikers and families, all living on the edge, as it were.

Someone must have collected these shoes on the beach and left them lined up on the cement bench just in case their owners returned to look for them. How thoughtful. It did make me wonder if the owners simply forgot that they had worn shoes that day or what?

I love the color palette here on this row of houses. It's one of my favorite things about San Francisco, how the houses are so colorful. It makes the city really pretty. The houses are attached, like ours is too.

This house stands out from the others, as it looks a lot older. It must have been built before the others on the block. I love all the Victorian details on it. But I wonder what's up with that left-hand window which is covered up?

A solitary Red-tailed hawk rested watchfully on this street light. She was there when I started my walk, and still there when I ended it, standing sentinel.

P.S. I forgot to write about this woman I saw out at the beach. She was reading from a piece of paper in one hand, had a Grande Nonfat Latte in the other hand, and she was listening to something on her ipod while power walking on the trail. Now that's what I call multi-tasking!


Yearn to travel said...

I am not sure you got my first comment as i seemed to have some problems with my password. I love the fact that you did a blog...go girl!!! The images in this first section are incredible. My only comment about your site is you did not list me as one of your blog friends...tsk tsk!!!
Can you send me Deb Blog as well

Dorothy Reinhardt said...

I do like taking pictures. I will have to add your blog to my links. Deb's is up there.

Linda said...

I love these photos.

Dorothy Reinhardt said...

I love that you love them, since Ocean Beach is your neck of the woods.