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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Can Breathe Again

I feel like I have been literally "waiting with bated breath" for this election to be done already. Here in San Francisco we had 12 state and 22 city propositions to vote on, which I think is insane. The city voter pamphlet was almost 1/2 inch thick! And then the state one was another quarter inch of pages to wade through.

We decided to attend the Troubletown Election Night Party at this bar out by the beach called the Riptide. I know Lloyd and his wife Hae from serving with them on Graphic Artist Guild committees. You may know Lloyd from his illustration for the Airborne package.

Funny, there's a bar back in Marblehead called the Riptide (locals call it "the Rippa.") We got there just as the networks were calling the election for Obama. The place was packed with jubilant people. It was so crowded that we had to stand on a bench outside and peer through the window to watch McCain's concession speech.

Here's Steve and our friend Annie standing on the bench. Annie's from Paris. She did not get to vote, but she is glad that now she can go home for visits and not be embarrassed to live here anymore.

Lloyd had hung an "interactive map" just inside the front door of the bar. They were sticking chocolate dipped madeleines on for the blue states and saltines for the red states.

Our friend David, who's quite tall, managed to stake out a spot by the wall for us, so we crowded in with everybody to watch Obama's speech from Chicago on the video screens. There was a lot of cheering and clinking of glasses and beer bottles. When we got home, someone was shooting off fireworks.

I thought that this piece I heard on the radio was interesting. Perspective from commentator Brenda Payton, who thought her parents would never see "two little black girls living in the White House."

Too bad that Prop 8 passed.

I haven't been posting much lately, I know. I'm still very bummed about losing Esther.


Linda said...

What a GREAT night. I love the interactive map with chocolate dipped madeleines for the blue states and saltines for the red.

I'm still so sad about Esther; I've been thinking about you & Steve.

carol eldridge said...

welcome back...I was beginning to had been so long...wasn't the election amazing..such let's hope that this new administration can turn things around...especially as regards the retail market which is in serious trouble.

never been inside the Riptide here in Marblehead and never plan to, if you get my drift..

glad you are back...are you painting? You owe me an e mail Miss....hope you are working on some new designs for the show...are you going to go to Atlanta...if so I could meet you there...


Dorothy Reinhardt said...

Linda, we should have invited you. That's almost out in your neck of the woods.

Carol, I DO get your drift. I had never set foot inside the Rippa until a couple of years ago, when some of my old friends started hanging out there. You're not missing anything.

Definitely not going to Atlanta. Lots of belt-tightening going on here.

My "to do" list is growing. It's still a struggle.