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Monday, February 23, 2009

And the Winner is...

Hey, it's me! I picked 18 out of 24 winners for the Academy Awards this year. 75% correct. Usually I get less than half of them right. (Actually, everybody did pretty well this year. I really tied with Steve, who was very gracious and conceded victory to me since I hardly even win.) It was a fun show, quite entertaining.

I liked the segment where they showed James Franco and Seth Rogin sitting on the couch laughing their asses off at the serious movies. Only Ben Stiller was totally off key coming on in that weird wig and fake beard and acting stoned.

I was skeptical about Hugh Jackman as host, but I enjoyed his jokes and singing and dancing. I missed the one big musical number because I was in the kitchen putting the dinner together. We liked the new format where they had 5 of the previous Oscar winners on stage speaking about each of the nominees' performances. I think it was nice because instead of there just being the one winner, everyone was acknowledged.

I do sort of enjoy it when some of the actresses wear something totally hideous or they are really falling out of their dress, so you can make fun of them. Only Mickey Rourke had a really weird outfit this year to go along with his alien-like body and face. Steve has been keeping up the family tradition that his mom started of mispronouncing names. He was calling Mickey Rourke's co-star in The Wrestler "Melissa Ptomaine."

Well, maybe it's because I actually saw so many of the nominated films this year that I did so well picking the winners. We made an effort to try to see them, going along with all the seniors to the late afternoon matinees on the weekends. I'm glad that Slumdog Millionaire got a bunch of awards. I thought the movie was refreshingly different.

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BJ Lantz said...

Hi Dorothy!

We had an Oscars party too. I lost this year (maybe it was because I only saw Dark Knight and didn't think Heath Ledger was all that, even if his performance was the best thing about the whole movie). I'm afraid I am one of those who catches them all on DVD/Pay-per-view...eventually. Actually, it has become kind of a joke with our Oscar parties that you have to have not seen any of them (not strictly enforced :-)) And we have ridiculous winner & loser trophies that somehow always manage to stay at our house no matter who should have them.

My mom mispronounces names too (mangles is a better description, sometimes I don't even know who she really means), but I don't think she does it intentionally, ha ha

Ben Stiller was spoofing Joaquin Phoenix's weird behavior of late. He (Joaquin) has grown that hideous beard and is acting like he's stoned all the time and has said he is no longer going to make movies but become a rap star.