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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidaze

Steve wore his traditional holly bow tie to work on Christmas Eve. I picked him up from BART and we went over to the library to drop off/pick up books. Steve was excited to go to West Portal because he had a full Noah's bagel card to turn in for a dozen FREE bagels. They were out of the normal ones, so he got these gross red ones. Then we popped next door to Peet's where they were giving out free coffees today. You are supposed to donate to a charity, so we did. Nothing makes Steve happier than getting things for FREE. Merry Christmas, dude.

Steve took this shot of me and Gloria at Steve's company holiday party last week, long before my feet started to kill me and the endless skits, videos, speeches, presentations made me beg for mercy. Gloria is always so fashionable. That night she was looking very elegant in this long red suit dress.

The HR department did a lovely job on the centerpieces. I would not have thought that black & white table settings would work for Christmas, but they sure pulled it off. They even had silver chargers and deep red silk napkins. Very chic.

I rescued the Christmas cookies last night from an imminent ant attack. They are now safely stored in the fridge. (The cookies, not the ants...) We're going to Marie & Mark's tonight for a quiet Christmas Eve supper. Then tomorrow we're hanging out at home and cooking a turkey breast. We're anticipating the arrival on Friday of either: 10 Reinhardts from Oregon or, nobody. It depends on how bad the snow is in the Siskiyou pass Friday.

Happy Holidays everybody!

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