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Monday, December 1, 2008

"All I need are some tasty waves..."

Yesterday we had planned to tackle some yard work, but it was such a gorgeous day and hey, gas is down to less than $2/ we headed down the coast to Santa Cruz with a plan to meet our friend Jack for dinner. We noticed huge waves all along the coast heading south. Arriving in Santa Cruz with hours to spare before Jack would get off work, we drove along the pedestrian walkway which runs by the shore north of the Municipal Wharf.

A crowd had gathered near the lighthouse. We parked the Accord and went to check it out. We know next to nothing about surfing, but found out that this spot is called Steamer Lane, and can be prime surfing territory when the winter swells are up.

Steve caught some of the action with his new(ish) camera. Here are some of his shots.

I was transfixed for a couple of hours watching these guys. These were not your beginning surfers. It was amazing watching the sets of waves come in and the surfers trying to position themselves to catch a ride or at least not get totally smashed by the waves. Sea lions were getting in on the action too, leaping and diving into the waves alongside the surfers.

There was a group of professional photographers and videographers catching the action right in front of us. I don't know if you can even see the tiny specs that are the surfers in this photo. (Maybe you can if you click on the photo to get a larger version.) Steve had to use his zoom, which is not quite like the lens this woman is using.

The diehards were still out there even after the sun had set. I was serenading Steve with "If everybody had an ocean across the USA..." as we headed out.

A few weeks ago, we happened upon some more "tasty waves" by Fort Point in San Francisco. It's right under the Golden Gate Bridge. If you've seen the Hitchcock movie Vertigo, it's where Jimmy Stewart pulls Kim Novak out of the bay.

This was also not surfing for beginners. I've never seen the waves so big there before or seen so many surfers in the water. It was cool.

Like Californi-ay...


Yearn to travel said...

Love this psot. The pictures are really good and the waves look sweet!!!
I was going to try and get out today but the tide was in early and it did not work with my schedule.

Dorothy Reinhardt said...

Hi Med,
Thought you'd like it. I can't believe you go surfing in RI in November! Isn't it freezing?

carol eldridge said...

how you doing? Pictures look nice..Kenny and I had our photo taken at that park by the bridge last time we were there. Working on some new holiday penguins and plan a give a way next week on my blog so make sure you stop by.