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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tiny Surprise Packages

Hey, I'm back! And not only did my plants not die while I was gone...I actually have some tiny tomatoes starting to grow...woo hoo! Thanks so much to the efforts of my substitute gardening tag team: Steve, Chris, Jane, Greg and Lonnie.

I planted 6 different varieties of tomatoes in my raised bed this year: Stupice, Early Girl, Sungold (cherry tomatoes), Sweet 100s (cherry tomatoes), Black Krim and another one called Muskovic or something. The three that have tomatoes already are: Stupice, Early Girl and Sungold.

My dad used to grow about 40 tomato plants every year for our family. He never did anything halfway. At the end of the season, we were always trying to foist bags of tomatoes upon our hapless guests.

I have fond memories of taking a bite out of a tomato warm from the sun after a turn of weeding the bed. I have dreamed of growing tomatoes like that, but sucess has eluded me these past years that I have lived in the fog belt.

Here's a photo my mom took of a tiny fraction of my Dad's harvest one year. I love this photo, because she did something with the flash, so it looks like the tomatoes are levitating.

I'm growing these Alpine Strawberries in my garden too. They are very tiny, but very delicious. I first tasted them in Venice at Trattoria Alla Madonna. I've searched for them every since. They are also called "fraises des bois."

My foxgloves are looking pretty foxy too. It's nice to come back home to a beautiful garden.


carol eldridge said...

the garden looks great...I love tomatoes from the garden too. that photo your Mom took is really cool...Hey, I have to go to Boston on Mon morning and report for Grand Jury duty after all...I cannot believe it...I have already served 2 other times, one as foreman just 4 years ago..oh well, getting into Boston by 8 am shall be a lot of fun..wish me luck!

talk soon,

Dorothy Reinhardt said...

Oh, too bad on the jury duty. That is such a pain. Good luck. I would not want to have to get into Boston by 8 am. I hope you can get it switched.


htttp:// said...

My grandfather grew the best tomatoes when I was a kid. I wish I had his garden now. (Or better yet, him growing it since I have no green thumb and I miss him).

And, I have eaten at Trattoria Alla Madonna! I remember a woman at the table next to us had her little dog on a chair and she fed him from her plate right along with herself!

Sorry I missed meeting you at Surtex! Maybe next year or in Atlanta some time!