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Monday, May 26, 2008

Surtex Photos

Here are a couple of photos from Sharon of me and Sharon and Deb in our booth at Surtex '08. I have more photos on my camera, but I didn't bring the connector to download them to the computer. I'm going to have to post about how the show went later, as I am busy having FUN for a few days and unwinding.

I'm in Marblehead at the moment. It's Memorial Day and we're going over to see my niece Lily march in the parade as a Daisy. Daisy is what you are before you become a Brownie, which is before Girl Scouts. Lily is 6.

It's a gorgeous summery day here. Later we are heading up to Farnham's: (can't figure out how to link on mom's computer) You must pronounce it FAHHHHH-nums for the correct effect. It's a huge battle here over which is better, Farnham's or Woodman's. Everyone has an opinion.


carol eldridge said...

you didn't mention in your blog post that Kenny and I took you to Farnhams....and got a $25 parking ticket!!...oh well, the fried clams were just delish and it was good to see both you and Steve...hope your trip back to San Fran was uneventful.

talk soon,


Dorothy Reinhardt said...

I put that post up Monday morning, before we went to Farnham's. Sorry you got a ticket, but at least Essex's ticket rate is $25, not $50 like here in SF!

Our flight was long, but no problems.

It was really fun getting together with you guys. We need to move the east and west coasts closer together, don't you think? (some folks in the midwest might get squeezed though.)