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Monday, February 22, 2010

More Flower Power

I've been cranking out the flowers lately. The one above is made with rick rack. I like some of the more subtle colors it comes in, like this color which is called "hyacinth." I love that I had a vintage button that matches both the color and the spiraling.

This grey and black and white number has a cool vintage button too. It's such an unusual shape.

I've been reading up on the Etsy forums tips on how to improve your photography. I'm experimenting with different backgrounds and props today. Ace has been enjoying the photo session. I had to banish him from the studio because he kept knocking everything over. I also decided to resort to using Steve's better camera and a tripod so I could avoid the blurry photos and having to spend a lot of time trying to correct the colors.

I love this antique white wired ribbon rose with the similar colored chiffon scarf in the background.

The color on this fuschia rose is amazing.

I had fun making this camel/brown eco felt flower. I like how the chunky burgundy button surrounded by wooden beads works on it. I had a necklace that fell apart decades ago and I rediscovered the beads in my button box.

Mauve wired ombre ribbon rose. I could easily spend a fortune on ribbon. Better start racking up some sales here. Go to my shop now and browse, okay? I just uploaded a bunch of new ones.


Sally G. Knight said...

Is Ace a cat? I'm guessing he is. Anyway, your flowers AND your photos are terrific. I'm impressed.

Dorothy Reinhardt said...

Hi Sally,

Good guess. Yes, Ace is a cat. And cats love photo shoots.

Thanks for your kind comments.